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What is Perth Mint? Perth Mint Certification Explained

What is Perth Mint? Perth Mint Certification Explained

If you are looking to buy gold or to invest in silver or platinum then the Perth Mint Certificate Program is an excellent option. The Perth Mint runs the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) which offers clients allocated, pool allocated and unallocated precious metals storage vaulting options at The Perth Mint’s premises. 

Here at GoldCore we are proud to offer a range of products through the Perth Mint Certificate Program. Since 2005 we have been one of a small number of Approved Dealers for the PCMP. From allocated gold certificates to unallocated platinum certificates, you can be sure we have a precious metal investment to suit your needs. 

You can find information on The Perth Mint below, or click on one of the following products to go straight to more information on how to purchase your unique certificate from The Perth Mint:

  • Allocated gold certificate
  • Allocated silver certificate
  • Allocated platinum certificate
  • Unallocated gold certificate
  • Unallocated silver certificate
  • Unallocated platinum certificate

Below we cover some key questions on the Perth Mint Certificate Program:

Is Perth Mint gold good?

It is understandable that when looking to invest in precious metals you want to ensure that you are getting the very best bullion. Rest assured that when you buy gold bars, stock up on silver coins or buy platinum through The Perth Mint then you are buying a product that comes from a place of not only immense heritage but also respect in the precious metals investment space. 

The Perth Mint has been in operation for over one hundred years, since 1899. It is one of the most respected mints in the world and is dominant in the refinery space; it currently processes 75% of Australia’s newly mined gold, alongside 10% of the world’s new supply. It works hard to ensure that all gold, silver and platinum refined by and sold through The Perth Mint is ethically sourced. 

The Perth Mint is highly experienced not only when it comes to precious metals storage but when it comes to refining, assaying and producing gold, silver and platinum bullion products. Per annum The Perth Mint refines and fabricates more than 500 tonnes and AUD 25 billion worth of precious metals.

When you buy gold, silver or platinum via The Perth Mint Certificate Program then you are buying from the only mint that offers the only unique Government guaranteed investment and storage program in the world. 

Who owns The Perth Mint 

The Perth Mint is wholly owned by The Government of Western Australia. It was originally established in 1899 as the Australian branch of the British Royal Mint. In 1970 the State Government of Western Australia became the owner of The Perth Mint when ownership was transferred. In 1988 Gold Corporation, the company behind The Perth Mint, was established as a state authority of the Government of Western Australia, thanks to the Gold Corporation Act of 1987. 

Today, The Perth Mint is one of the most innovative mints and is a fully integrated entity. It not only refines its own gold but assays, fabricates and stores its own bullion. To give you additional peace of mind, The Government of Western Australia guarantees the investment and storage program of The Perth Mint. 

Is Perth Mint government owned?

Yes, the Perth Mint is government owned. The Perth Mint is the trading name of Gold Corporation. This entity is owned in its entirety by the Government of Western Australia. You can be assured that your precious metals are in good hands as the Government of Western Australia holds a long-term AA credit rating (S&P).

Is Perth Mint safe 

As owners of The Perth Mint The Government of Western Australia guarantees the investment and storage program of The Perth Mint. The government body is one of the most highly rated in the world with a AA+ rating (S&P). 

The Perth MInt is not only one of the most trusted mints in the world in terms of supply chains and quality of product but also as a precious metals dealer and storage provider. 

The Perth Mint holds precious metals for over 70,000 investors around the world. It is trusted by a range of investors from retail clients to stockbrokers to central banks. Furthermore it is accredited by the five major gold exchanges, being the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX), the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), the Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM) and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). 

To receive accreditation from not one but five major gold exchanges demonstrates the calibre and good standing of The Perth Mint in the international marketplace. It is respected by investors, fund managers, APRA regulated superannuation funds and central banks around the world. 

The Perth Mint refines and fabricates more than 500 tonnes and AUD 25 billion worth of precious metals per annum. It is a fully integrated operation, working as a refiner; weight master; assayer and producer of pure gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars. This means that when you buy your unique certificate from The Perth Mint Certificate Program you can be assured of the chain of integrity that your bullion has passed through. 

Is Perth Mint CGT free

When you buy bullion it is important you are clear on what (if any) tax implications there may be. Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is the tax you pay on any gains made when you sell an investment. How much you pay (if at all) varies between countries. 

In the United Kingdom CGT is payable on all precious metal investments excluding any coins that are produced by The Royal Mint. It is payable on any coins produced elsewhere as well as all other gold, silver and platinum bullion. You only pay CGT when you sell your investment and even then only if there are any gains. In the UK all investors receive a CGT ‘allowance’ and this means they do not have to pay any tax up to a specified amount of profit. Any profits made can be offset against any losses made elsewhere, and your allowance can also be pooled with your spouse. 

Whilst GoldCore is one of the few approved dealers for PCMPs, globally we are not tax advisers and so recommend that anyone looking to invest in a unique certificate from The Perth Mint seeks independent advice in regard to CGT.