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What are Perth Mint Gold Certificates?

With a number of different gold investment options out there, it can be hard to know where to start when choosing a way in which to buy bullion. One of the many questions you may have is What Are Perth Mint Gold certificates?

The Perth Mint is the producer of Perth Mint gold products. From gold coins to gold bars the government-backed mint has a number of options to suit all investors. One of those options is the Perth Mint Certificate Program. 

At GoldCore we have been approved distributors of the PCMP since 2005. Gold investors will be interested to find out more about the Allocated Gold Perth Mint Certificates and the Unallocated Gold Perth Mint certificates. Both are excellent options for anyone looking to invest in gold in the world’s only government-backed and guaranteed investment and storage program in the world. 

Perth Mint Gold Bars

Perth Mint Gold bars are revered around the world by individual investors and central banks alike. The Perth Mint sells both cast gold bars and minted gold bars. 

Specified cast bars back the Perth Mint’s allocated certificate program. Whereas the unallocated gold certificate program is backed by gold in both the working and display inventories, which will feature minted bars as well world-famous One Tonne Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin. 

Difference between Cast Gold bar and Perth Mint Gold Bar

It is common for those looking to invest in gold bars to ask if there is a difference between cast gold bars and minted gold bars. The difference ultimately comes down to the aesthetics. Minted bars have cleaner lines, shaper edges and more intricate designs not to mention they are much shinier! The difference in the physical appearance is due to different manufacturing processes.

Minted bars do start life as cast bars, but then there are additional steps taken to get to the stage at which they become the aesthetically pleasing, beautifully presented bars that we are familiar with. The Perth Mint minted bars carry the LBMA-accredited stamp as well as the infamous kangaroo motif. The extra steps taken to create these stunning, minted bars does mean that they are more costly to produce, which is passed onto the buyer. 

In contrast, cast bars are a bit more rough around the edges. But, they are one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to own a gold bar as there are no additional costs in making them.  

Cast gold bars are created by either using the 6,000 year old technique of ‘pouring’ melted gold or using moulds and gold granules which are then heated. Because of the dies used the surfaces of a cast gold bar can be uneven. However this does not mean that they have any less integrity than a perfectly formed gold bar. 

As with their minted bars, The Perth Mint cast bars are all 99.99% pure and are  marked with an LBMA-accredited stamp. This guarantees that they will be recognised around the world should you choose to sell your gold. 

Minted bars 

Minted bars are generally more decorated and ‘perfect’ in their appearance. They are usually shinier and presented with some kind of intricate design that might be relevant to a particular celebration. For The Perth Mint’s minted bars they are 99.99% pure, struck with The Perth Mint logo and carry an inscription of their weight and purity. They are also quite fun to look at as at the back they have a repeated Kangaroo motif. 

You will find that minted bars carry a higher premium than cast bars. This is down to the additional expense that goes into presenting them to such a high visual standard. Cast bars are just as pure and as reputable as minted bars, but some people like to buy minted bars for special occasions. 

Perth Mint Gold Coins

We are pleased to offer GoldCore clients the opportunity to own the 1 Ounce Gold Australian Kangaroo. The coin is not offered specifically as part of the allocated or unallocated Perth Mint certificate programs but you can find them here. 

The allocated and unallocated Perth Mint Certificate Programs are very popular with GoldCore clients. If you do want to feature Perth Mint Gold Coins in your portfolio but are considering the Unallocated Perth Mint Program then you will be interested to read that it is backed by the precious metal in our working and display inventories including the world famous One Tonne Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin!

How to check Perth mint gold bars and coins

We understand that when you decide to invest in gold bars and coins from The Perth Mint, whether through the Allocated Perth Mint Certificate Program or the Unallocated Perth Mint Certificate Program, that you want to ensure you really do own gold bullion. 

The unique certificates issued by The Perth Mint are legal documents. Each certificate reflects the legal ownership of the gold held by The Perth Mint, on your behalf. 

How to avoid Fake Perth Mint gold

The Perth Mint has been in operation for over one hundred years. In this time it has established itself as one of the most respected mints, refineries, assayers and storage providers in the world. Along with this reputation it is accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX), the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), the Tokyo Commodities Exchange (TOCOM) and the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). Therefore you can be assured that any gold sold by The pErth Mint is of the highest quality. 

Having said that, there are a number of distributors out there who perhaps do not have the best intentions. Please be assured that The Perth Mint works extremely hard to ensure that it only allows accredited organisations to sell its bullion and unique certificates. When you find an approved distributor of gold from The Perth Mint, be sure to cross-check the company with the Mint’s list of approved distributors. This is a good step to ensure you are buying gold of the highest standard from a reputable dealer. 

Is Perth mint gold CGT free 

Whether or not you have to pay CGT is based on a number of factors, namely the product you are investing in, in which country you pay taxes and what (if any) your tax allowance is. CGT is only payable once you have sold the investment, and even then only if you have realised any gains that are in excess of any government allowances. 

In the UK there are a number of measures which could mean that you do not have to pay CGT at all however we always ask that you seek professional, independent advice when it comes to any investment-related tax enquiries. 

Unallocated perth mint Gold 

Unallocated Perth Mint Gold Certificates are extremely popular with GoldCore clients. These unique certificates give the investor the peace of mind that they own physical gold, stored with a company that is backed by the Government of Western Australia, but they are not required to pay storage fees. 

No storage fees are charged to clients who own Unallocated Perth Mint Certificates because no specific bars are owned by the investor. Instead, the certificate is backed by the gold held by The Perth Mint in their working and display inventories as well as the gold used in their refining and manufacturing processes. 

This option is a very efficient way to own physical gold. You have the same benefits as the allocated gold certificate but with the economy of owning physical precious metals with free secure storage and no product fabrication costs.

You can read more about about unallocated Perth Mint Certificates here:

Allocated Perth Mint Gold

GoldCore clients like allocated gold certificates from The Perth Mint as they hold legal title over a specific bar that is stored and segregated in the vaults owned by the Government-backed organisation. Should you wish to, you can organise to collect or take delivery of your gold. 

Allocated Perth Mint Gold Certificates give the investor access to fabricated, cast bars made and stored by The Perth Mint. Your unique certificate gives you legal title to a specific bar of gold that is stored in the vaults owned and operated by the government-backed Perth Mint. Storage fees of 1% are charged. 

In addition to the fabrication costs, the price of allocated gold certificates are also made up of the gold spot price, the gold spot premium and the certificate fee. 

As with unallocated Perth Mint Gold certificates, you can choose from a range of different gold bar sizes. Find out more here:

Can I start investing in Perth Mint?

Yes! To start investing in Perth Mint Precious Metal Certificates today simply open an account with and follow the relevant instructions to buy either allocated or unallocated gold with The Perth Mint. 

An account can be opened by any of the following entities:

  • individuals

  • companies

  • trusts

  • partnerships

  • associations

  • registered co‐operatives

  • government bodies

Once you have registered with us you will need to decide if you want to buy either an unallocated Perth Mint Certificate or an allocated Perth Mint Certificate. Whilst both are backed by the Government of Western Australia there are some key differences that will help you to decide which is the right investment product for you. 

Unallocated Perth Mint Gold Certificates are backed by the precious metals in The Perth Mint’s working and display inventories. This is not only the gold for the exhibition items (including the world famous One Tonne Australian Kangaroo Coin) but also the metal used in the refining and manufacturing of gold processes. This option is very popular with GoldCore clients as there are no storage fees. You also have the option to convert to allocated holdings at a later date, should you wish to. 

The Allocated Perth Mint Certificates are backed by specific cast bars. Some GoldCore clients prefer this option as they take comfort from the fact that their unique certificate represents a specific bar of gold that sits in the Perth Mint vaults, ready for inspection. You are also able to take delivery of your gold bars, should you wish to do so. 

Storage fees of 1% are charged for allocated gold certificates. As this is relatively high it is not surprising that some clients prefer to buy unallocated gold certificates as this brings the same benefits as holding allocated gold but just without having access to a specific bar. 

Is Perth Mint Gold CGT free

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability is unique to the individual investor. In the majority of western countries CGT is payable on gains when selling gold bullion products, however there is often a tax-free allowance. Furthermore gains can sometimes be set against some losses made on other investments.

GoldCore is happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to the purchase of your unique PMCP certificate however we are not tax advisers. Just as with any investment, we would ask that you seek professional tax advice if you have any questions regarding the tax liability on gold investments.