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Difference between unallocated and allocated platinum

If you are thinking about how to invest in platinum then you may want to consider The Perth Mint Certificate Program (PCMP). GoldCore is one of the few accredited dealers for the PCMP and we are proud to offer this service, on behalf of one of the world’s most respected mints. 

The Perth Mint is highly revered around the world. It is wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia and its certificate program is the only such program that is backed by a government. It refines and fabricates over 500 tonnes of precious metals each year, including over 10% of the world’s gold. 

The Perth Mint Certificate program gives GoldCore clients the opportunity to hold gold, silver and platinum as part of their portfolio in a low cost and highly secure way with the added benefit of knowing that the program is 100% backed by a government with a S&P AA+ rating. 

Should you choose to invest in a platinum Perth Mint Certificate then you will be in good company. The Perth Mint currently stores precious metals for over 70,000 investors from around the world including individual investors, banks and central banks. 

Unallocated platinum 

You can buy unallocated platinum Perth Mint Certificates through GoldCore. This is a great way to benefit from holding physical platinum in your portfolio, but without the added costs of storage and fabrication fees. 

When you own unallocated platinum you own a specific amount of an undivided pool of the precious metal. You act as an owner in common with other unallocated clients. 

This undivided pool is 100% backed by the working and display inventory of The Perth Mint, i.e. any platinum used in refining and manufacturing, as well as any of the investment-grade platinum items that are shown to the general public. The Perth Mint may use that metal in its operations, subject to the terms and conditions of the investment. 

This platinum is not held in segregated storage, instead it is maintained in unsegregated storage on a fungible basis without specific identification of your unallocated precious metal. 

Because of the nature of the unallocated investment, you are not required to pay any fabrication fees (as you do own a specific, fabricated bar) nor are you liable for any storage fees. You only pay the quoted metal value at the time of purchase. 

The price of the platinum Perth Mint Certificate is made up of three components:

Platinum spot price - This is the spot price of platinum as quoted by the Perth Mint. You can see the platinum price at the top of this page. This price is taken from the global bullion market and is reflective of the price you see on the likes of Bloomberg and Reuters. 

Platinum spot price premium - the platinum price premium is a percentage added onto the spot price. It covers the various costs involved in creating the unallocated platinum investment. The percentage charged depends on the amount of platinum purchased. 

Certification fee - the certification fee is the cost of producing and printing the unique certificate that acts as legal evidence of your unallocated platinum holding within The Perth Mint, to which you have legal title to. 

What is allocated platinum?

Allocated platinum would be a platinum investment into cast bars that are held either by you or in segregated storage within a high security facility.

The Perth Mint Certificate Program does not cover allocated platinum certificates. It is only available on an unallocated basis which is the most cost-effective option and still gives you the benefits of owning platinum through the only government-backed precious metals certificate program in the world. 

If you are interested in holding allocated gold and silver Perth Mint Certificates then please click on the following links to find out more


Please be aware that owning precious metals on an allocated basis with The Perth Mint incurs fees that the unallocated option does not. Clients have to pay fabrication fees as they have legal title to a specific, cast bullion bar and they also have to pay storage fees as allocated bars are held in a segregated area of The Perth Mint vaults. 

These two fees are not applicable to unallocated holdings as you have legal title to an amount of platinum rather than a specific bar. And, because the platinum that you own in common with other investors, is 100% backed by inventory of The Perth Mint, then you are not required to pay storage fees. 

How to buy allocated and unallocated Platinum?

Here at GoldCore we pride ourselves on our excellent customer reviews which are thanks to the straightforward yet secure way in which clients are able to buy Perth Mint Certificates. 

When you decide to purchase Perth Mint Certificates with GoldCore you simply need to following these steps:

  • Create an account (see the link at the top of this page)
  • You will then be required to submit identification documents 
  • Once you receive an application form please complete it and email it to us 

The Perth Mint issues a Precious Metal Certificate in your name, specifying the precise number of ounces of platinum that you now own and that is stored on your behalf in the Mint, when you purchase unallocated platinum through the Perth Mint Certificate Program. 

Customers who purchase unallocated platinum have full legal title to the platinum in their account. Similar to a certificate of ownership, each certificate is unique and has a special certificate number. 

The amount of platinum you buy will depend on the price of the metal per ounce and the sum you have chosen to invest. Perth Mint Certificates can be sold through GoldCore and are highly liquid.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.