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What are platinum certificates?

The only precious metals certificate programme in the world with government backing is the Perth Mint Certificate Program. 

This means that every gold, silver, and platinum certificate offered as part of the PCMP is fully guaranteed by the Government of Western Australia and backed by the precious metals stored in the safe facility of The Perth Mint. 

Since 1899, the Perth Mint has been refining, minting and storing precious metals. It has made a name for itself as one of the most prestigious mints in the world and is utilised by both private citizens and central banks. 

At the moment, the Perth Mint processes and refines about 500 tonnes of precious metals annually. This comprises more than 10% of the annual total gold mined in the world.

More than 70,000 customers have chosen to store their precious metals in the high security storage facility, whilst the five major metals exchanges have accredited the refinery. 

With the Perth Mint Certificate Program, The Perth Mint has long provided investors with the chance to store precious metals in a safe location. Since 2005, GoldCore has been the sole distributor in the UK and EU for the PCMP. 

The Perth Mint Certificate Program provides investors in Ireland with a selection of precious metals (silver, gold, and platinum) at incredibly affordable prices. Facilities at The Perth Mint are particularly well suited for private investors looking for discretion, flexibility, and a safe sanctuary for their investment.

Are Platinum Certificates a Good Investment?

Here at GoldCore we are big fans of platinum. It’s a useful precious metal to hold in your portfolio but it its role in industry, rather than as a safe haven that has us excited. 

Of all the precious metals, platinum is the rarest. Because it is so uncommon, the US government classifies it as a "strategic metal" and forbade its possession and usage for non-military purposes during World War II. 

Twenty percent of all consumer items are manufactured worldwide using platinum, which is also a crucial industrial commodity with a growing list of new applications. It is exceedingly durable, has a high melting point, excellent electrical conductivity, and is corrosion resistant. 

It is a valuable metal that is used across a number of industrial applications and plays a bigger role in transportation-related green applications. Many will be familiar with its crucial role in the motor industry, as it is used in catalytic converters. 

Two nations, South Africa and Russia, provide 90% of the world's supply, therefore issues with either country's politics or economy are a concern.

We frequently read about new discoveries of how platinum can be used in groundbreaking applications. This is why we recommend holding it as part of a balanced portfolio, as it is growing ever-crucial to the running of our planet. 

Owning platinum certificates as part of a balanced portfolio is a great way to benefit from holding physical platinum. 

GoldCore offers two different types of platinum Perth Mint Certificates:

  • Allocated platinum Perth Mint Certificates
  • Unallocated platinum Perth Mint Certificates 

The advantages of owning real platinum through the Perth Mint are available to you with either option. Given that they are both a part of the same Perth Mint Certificate Program, which has the full support of the Western Australian government and is routinely audited by the Western Australian State Auditor General, they are both excellent investment choices.

However, there are some differences between the two which does affect the price of the investment:

  1. Backed by:

Allocated - If you own an allocated platinum certificate, it is backed by a designated cast bar over which you have legal ownership. 

Unallocated - When you possess an unallocated platinum certificate, you have legal ownership of a quantity of platinum that is entirely backed by The Perth Mint's platinum inventory. You are legal holder of a specific amount of platinum in the undivided pool of platinum. This pool is used by The Perth Mint for use in its working and exhibition inventories.

  1. Storage fees

Allocated - Cast platinum bars to which you hold legal title is segregated and stored within The Perth Mint’s high security storage facility. This means that storage fees must be paid on your holdings. 

Unallocated - No storage fees are charged when you buy unallocated platinum. This is because the platinum that backs the certificate exists in The Perth Mint’s working and display inventories. You own an amount of platinum in an undivided pool, as an owner in common along with other clients participating in the same pool.

  1. Fabrication fees

Allocated - When purchasing allocated platinum Perth Mint Certificates, customers are required to pay a fabrication fee. This is so that you may prove that you are the rightful owner of a particular bar (or bars) of platinum using the special certificate. Due to the fact that these bars are cast platinum bullion bars, a fabrication fee is applied to the purchase price. 

Unallocated - When you purchase an unallocated platinum certificate, you do not have legal title to a specific platinum cast bar but rather of a particular quantity of platinum that is part of an undivided pool. This pool is used by the Perth Mint as part of its inventory, both working and display. Therefore, no fabrication fee is charged, as there is no specific cast platinum bar. 

Where to buy Platinum Certificates in Ireland?

You can buy platinum certificates in  through GoldCore. We have been an approved dealer for the Perth Mint since 2005 and our highly rated service, speaks for itself. 

We make it as straightforward as possible to buy a unique certificate for allocated  or unallocated platinum at The Perth Mint. 

Simply sign-up to create an account today. You will be required to provide some identification documents and once this has been verified you will be sent a form to complete. Please return this to us at your earliest convenience and we can guide you through the next steps. ​​​​​​​