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Perth Mint Silver Price

You can find out about the Perth Mint Silver Price in the information below. 

Depending on if you buy allocated silver Perth Mint certificates or unallocated Perth Mint certificates there will be a difference in the price. This is because they offer slightly different options, both with the benefits of owning silver through the world’s only government-backed precious metal certificate programme. 

Perth Mint Certificate Unallocated Silver

The Perth Mint silver bullion price for an unallocated certificate is made up of three factors:

  1. The Spot Silver Price: The spot silver price can be seen at the top of this page. The Perth Mint Silver price is the price quoted by the Perth Mint for silver available for delivery in two days. This is based on the price quoted in the international silver market, as you would see on the likes of Reuters and Bloomberg.
  2. The Silver Spot Premium:  The silver spot premium is the percentage charge added to the spot silver price. How much it is depends on the amount of silver purchased. 
  3. The Certificate Fee: The certificate fee is the amount charged by The Perth Mint to cover the costs of printing and sending a signed Certificate of ownership to you, the client. Each Certificate is recorded with the client’s name, the Mint's name, details of the holding and is signed by an official of the Mint. It represents a receipt of your silver that is kept in the client’s name. In the age of digital assets, such tangibility becomes very valuable insurance given the risks from cyber criminals, online account and internet shutdowns and other cyber risks.

Perth Mint Certificate Allocated Silver 

If you are considering buying an allocated silver Perth Mint Certificate then please be aware that there is a fourth component to the Perth Mint Silver price that you are charged:

4.  Fabrication Fee - The fabrication fee is an additional charge for allocate silver investors as it covers the fabrication costs for the cast bullion bar that you hold legal title to. Fabrication fees are available on request. 

The fabrication fee is not charged to unallocated purchases as in these cases the silver investors hold legal title to an amount of silver held by the Perth Mint, as opposed to a set bar that is held in segregated storage within the Mint’s secure vaults. 

For allocated holdings a storage fee is also charged at the point of sale, and then at regular intervals during the time you own your certificate. This is to cover the cost of storing your cast silver bar in segregated storage, within the Perth Mint’s secure vaults. 

If you own an unallocated silver certificate you are able to convert it to an allocated silver certificate, at a later date. However, you will have to pay fabrication fees as well as storage fees. 

Perth Mint Silver Price and Storage Fees

Anyone who chooses to own an allocated silver certificate must pay storage fees. There is an initial storage fee charged at the time of purchase, followed by regular payments for the duration of your investment.

Storage fees are charged because when you buy a unique allocated silver Perth Mint certificate you hold legal title over a specific bar of silver. This is then stored in segregated storage, within the Perth Mint’s highly secure storage facility. 

This differs to the unallocated silver certificates which do not cost the holder any additional money, after the initial trade. This is because when you buy unallocated silver through the government-backed certificate program you have legal title to an amount of silver, as opposed to a specific bar. The unallocated silver is backed by the silver held by the Perth Mint in inventory and working displays. 

The Perth Mint is proud to offer the only government-guaranteed silver certificate program in the world. Thanks to this unique offering, it is arguably one of the safest certificate programs that allows you to hold precious metals in your portfolio. Because of this many people opt to own unallocated silver certificates as they offer all the benefits of the Perth Mint Certificate Program but without the added costs of fabrication and storage fees.